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[Western Toba]


Los Toba del Oeste

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The Tobas:

Within the Toba people of northern Argentina, there is a separate group whose language is called «Western Toba». Originally they are from the region along the Pilcomayo River, in the north west of what is now Formosa province.


Province of Formosa

Ingeniero Juárez

The largest Western Toba communities, close to the River Pilcomayo, are Vaca Perdida, La Rinconada and El Churcal, 60 km to the north of Ingeniero Juárez. Besides these three communities, there are also other family groups who live close by, in La Mocha, Tres Yuchanes, Pozo Ramón, Isla García, and San José, amongst other places.

The total population of the Western Toba is around 5000 people.

Today, many still live close to the river, while others have moved south to live in the town of Ingeniero Juárez, located on the National Route 81.

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The Church:

The Good News about Jesus Christ reached the Western Tobas in 1930, when on the 30th October, Anglican missionaries established a mission station, at the request of the Tobas, in Sombrero Negro.

Today, the Anglican church has five congregations amongst the Tobas, with all the pastors, deacons and lay leaders being local people. In recent years congregations of other denominations have also been established among the Western Tobas, although the Anglican Church continues to be the majority church.

Pastor José Molina Anglican church, El Churcal Polque - traditional sport